MIT Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy (MIT VSKA) is a truly unique academic institute that aims at reviving Indian Classical Music and Dance in its purest forms. They channelize their efforts to project Indian Culture, Traditions, and Philosophy in their truest form on the global map. The staff of MIT VSKA consists of connoisseurs of Indian classical music and dance. Apart from offering students superior quality academic programs, they also help them by providing great career opportunities in this arena

The Ask

The top leadership of the institution contacted us for doing a mere press release for the institution as the institute was operative for the past 4 years and was not getting many admissions, which was a big pain point for them. Despite having an amazing infrastructure and a perfect amalgamation of tradition with education, the academy was not getting students.

The Flags Connect

After understanding the things in detail, we realized they needed something more than just a press release. They facilitated our campus visit in order to take some strategic inputs. After much deliberation we got an idea, that we were sure of, will get the eye balls rolling and will get us the media attention that we were looking at. Gurukul had a connection with Lata Mangeshkar Ji and we wanted to encash it. But Lata Ji's health didn’t allow her to be a part of anything extensive and travelling was out of the question. We didn’t ask her to come, we took Gurukul to her!! We converted a press release into a press conference at Lata Mangeshkar ji’s house in Mumbai, as the gurukul was formed under her leadership. Top names of Indian classical music were a part of the event.

The Impact

The conference was an immediate hit and it had a great media rush. Every important media covered the event and it served the purpose just right for our client. The institution started seeing great admission numbers and getting quality students is no longer an issue for the academy. Did we miss the most important part? All this was planned and executed in a week’s time!

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