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When Flags PR associates with a start-up for its PR activation, it puts its mind, body, and soul into it. Start-up PR is very different from what we typically do for established brands. In the case of start-ups, every exposure needs to be planned strategically in order to create brand awareness, promote brand offerings, communicate the brand purpose, and also attract investors' attention.

Top 10 Flags Startups

A business can’t be successful if no one knows about it. In the present competitive scenario, a business must stand out to succeed. And the best way to do this is to take the right approach towards PR. Thankfully, professional PR services like that of Flags PR help you generate a positive buzz around your brand. Flags PR stands proudly among the best PR agencies for startups. We have already assisted several startups in making an impactful launch.

S No. Company Logo Company Name Category
1 logo SS Innovations Health-Care/Medical Technology
2 logo UVHeal Technology
3 logo Edufiq Education
4 logo Mahagram Fintech
5 logo Arctic Fox Retail/LifeStyle
6 logo Unigauge Education
7 logo Pingkaro Service/Service Technology
8 logo GreenBrrew Coffee Retail
9 logo MIT Gurukul Education
10 logo FreeLady Regane Healthcare wellness

We, at Flags PR, have an experienced and skillful team of experts along with the best tools and services- the two most important factors needed to make a powerful impression on the target groups. Owing to these factors, Flags PR has been touted as the best PR agency for startups. Due to the technical expertise of our team, we have also been acknowledged as one of the best PR companies for tech startups.

Public Relations for Startups

The trend of startups is at an all-time high now. There is a competition to get noticed by the public. The need to emerge as the next big thing has become cut-throat. The beginning phase is mostly tough and patchy. But a good PR agency for startups in India will give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Certain strategies are required to establish a successful startup. Many startups face tough challenges in implementing a successful PR. A good PR agency proves helpful to create a user base and attract the interest of venture capitalists. A result-oriented PR agency always follows these tips to make your startup successful:

1. Focus on what is worthy news only

Always keep a close watch on what is newsworthy, mainly to the publications. Some startups are not newsworthy due to their inability to offer something unique. Eventually, such startups fail to impress the public.

Firstly they find out the most appropriate angle to approach a news outlet. The agency organizes the launch of the startup where it will unveil the new product, service or a unique feature to place your startup in the limelight.

PR strategy for startups after establishing your startup as newsworthy, they start creating your pitch. The message should be easy to understand and value-driven. The pitch must be short and crisp to explain the business to journalists. The message should explain why the audiences should know about your venture.

2. Understanding the target audience

3. Know the art to customize a pitch

Flags PR agency for startups is here to position your brand in the market and provide your media attention. Our experts will help your company get press coverage. We also include data and numbers in pitches to substantiate our ideas. The firm uses the most effective ways to tell its stories and acquire customers.

Our Clients

We, at Flags PR, are proud of accomplishing strategic outcomes for our clients’ business expansion and sustenance. Our clientele comprises leaders from different industry sectors which include start-ups, business bigwigs, and Fortune 500 companies. We follow the same partnership methodology to the core of every commitment. We believe that we can attain success by building long-lasting connections with our clients. We admire their engagement and acknowledge the trust they have placed in us.

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