Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

Management and monitoring of all internal and external communications, along with creation of brand new points of view for the stakeholders of the company, can be briefly described as corporate communication.

PR and corporate communication are made of few basic components which makes up the responsibilities of any professional working in this sector.


  • 1) Public relations corporate communications To serve the interests of the company, the Pr corporate communications focuses on sponsorships, events and issue management.

  • 2) Crisis management - For the protection and defense of an employee or the company itself, from allegations and other shortcomings can come under crisis management.

  • 3) Employee communication/ Corporate communication strategy For maintaining the decorum of corporate culture; the efficiency, shared meaning, connectivity and satisfaction of corporate goals need to be at the top priority for employee communication.

  • 4) Investor relations To inform investors who have a stake in company’s shares, financial information about all the activities occurring in departments need to be reported at the right time to create an effective interface.

  • 5) Media relations Newspaper, television news, radio and other social media posts can come under media relations. Creation of advertisements, banners, posters and even short clips come under this sector.

  • 6) Reputation management Maintaining the reputation of the company from letting bad images and crisis cause interest loss among shareholders and stakeholders can come under reputation management.

  • 7) Identity management An identity is the unique representation of the company, which can be divided into the perceived, the projected, the desired and the applied identities of the company.

  • 8) Responsibility allocation Corporate citizenship is vital for generating conscious capitalism among employees, helping them to visualize their role when the company interacts with customers, shareholders, communities and the environment.

Why Flags PR?

Flags PR consistently tries to build a clear image of corporates that helps them reap benefits and builds their reputation. A secure and consistent brand image adds to the loyal customer group and investors feel secure and invest in the organization. Our main aim is to enable transparency, minimize any sort of miscommunication, build a better corporate identity, engage employees, and enhance their productivity.

Our clear understanding of the corporate culture gives a boost to brands, helps them to build a rapport among the target audience and gives their brands an excellent outlook.

Our Clients

We, at Flags PR, are proud of accomplishing strategic outcomes for our clients’ business expansion and sustenance. Our clientele comprises leaders from different industry sectors which include start-ups, business bigwigs, and Fortune 500 companies. We follow the same partnership methodology to the core of every commitment. We believe that we can attain success by building long-lasting connections with our clients. We admire their engagement and acknowledge the trust they have placed in us.

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