SS Innovations is an exemplary Med Tech start-up that was established in the year 2017. Under the leadership of Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, this company has invested greatly into the Med-tech R&D and very soon they will be launching the first “Made In India “ surgical robot - SSI Mantra.

The Ask

The top leadership of SS Innovations wanted to hire a PR agency which can plan a perfect announcement for the company. They wanted to organise a virtual press conference for the same. Investment is always in the mind of every start-up and with SSI it was no different. The idea was to create a huge buzz around the organisation and bring it to a domestic as well as the global stage.

The Flags Connect

SS Innovation’s surgical robot is not just a surgical robot, it is a matter of great prestige for the country as a whole as this is the first Indian company which is manufacturing surgical robots and also the first in South Asia. The chairman of the company Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, who is also known as Robo Doctor, had come to India after living in US for most of his lifetime. His vision behind this organisation and SSI Mantra had to be communicated to the country and hence we decided to make it big. We proposed a grand Press event to generate the requisite buzz.

The Challenge

Not one but many! We were living in covid-19 era and the overall unlocking after the first wave was just happening. Stakeholders were many, guest list was long and we had a restriction of 50 people for attending the conference. Dr Srivastava had a tight schedule and we got the go-ahead for the event just 10 days before the event day, wherein our responsibility was right from conceptualising and managing the event to getting the media for the event and final coverage output . This was literally the first private event in Delhi post-Covid and the shortlisted venue was Hotel Taj Palace. In the world of virtual conferences, getting media to attend a physical event was not that easy. Special permissions were taken from the SDM’s office. We decided to reveal the SSI Mantra’s prototype during the event. Since it’s an expensive product which can be installed by only trained engineers, we were required to book the hotel banquet for two days, and this lead to the entire costing going way too high. We were stuck!


At Flags, we value every single penny our clients spend! Though client approved, we were not happy with the expenses. That’s where we came up with an idea. We had a venue, we were doing the set up, we decided to do the entire set up in 24-hour instead of 36-hour. An evening before the launch was utilised to invite the top doctors of the city to make them aware of SSI and it was an intellectual evening that everyone enjoyed. The next day was an exclusive press event wherein the media joined both physically and virtually. High dignitaries were a part of the event and everything went off smoothly.

The Impact

The launch was a greatly successful one and the client was fully surprised with the way everything that was pulled off. We managed to do two events at the cost of one, which was a great comforting factor for all. Since then, SSI has been able to make its space in the world of RaaS with the top global players of the world who have been in the markets for decades. Read Less

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