Ekkaa Electronics Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted leader in LED TV Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services in India. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and top-notch product quality, Ekkaa delivers customised LED TV solutions to global brands and major retail chains in India.Their advanced manufacturing facilities and skilled workforce of over 1000 professionals enable them to stay at the forefront of technology trends. Ekkaa's commitment to efficiency ensures timely product delivery without compromising on quality, while their stringent quality standards guarantee durable and reliable LED TVs. As a comprehensive solution provider, Ekkaa handles every aspect of LED TV production, offering end-to-end services to its clients.

The Ask

Ekka being a hardcore B2B product company and that too an OEM! This business is neither fancy, nor very massy, but the organisation is a perfect mix of a young entrepreneur with a vision and great R&D driven “Made in India” offerings! The client wanted the brand to get the recognition that its worthy of! The idea was to establish and promote the brand and thought leadership in the sector.

The Flags Connect

Flags is given a mandate of Corporate Marketing and PR for ekkaa electronics , with a single point objective of making brand big, Real big!


Ekkaa is a technical business to understand. We aligned the specialised teams which understand both technology and manufacturing. After much deliberations with the leadership team, our team defined the Marketing strategies which were well inclined with the brand vision. Sector, Industry and Competition was well studied and the brand positioning was defined.

  • • Being a start-up , we leveraged a story of successful boot strapped start up pretty well.
  • • Positioning the company as India’s number 1 ODM and leading OEM and promoting its success story.
  • • Mr. Sagar Gupta is a 27 year old CEO who is a visionary, unlike many of his contemporaries. We started building his profile as an expert in the field and sector. Thought leadership started getting built.
  • • The brand and its leadership has also got organic awards and recognitions within first year of its PR journey.
  • • We linked the organisation with the PM’s manufacturing in India and Make in India vision and got an overwhelming response from every quarter.
  • • Relationship building meetings were organised with the top publications of the country to introduce the brand , its working, its leadership to the media.
  • • When the brand got established, we got into the major brand announcement which got Ekkaa the due attention it deserved!
  • • Crises management was done when a main media house mentioned our competitors client in our story which is one of the global MNC’s . The story was not even done by our PR team and was picked up randomly with wrong incorporations. Our team got into action and got it rectified within couple of hours!


Overwhelming is the word! PR done for Ekkaa electronics has created enough waves in the industry and the competition reached out to us for our strategic services. The brand found its space in top mainlines of the country like TOI print , cover stories in the biggest trade magazines, brand stories in top general interest publications, sectorial inputs alongside biggest voices.


Brand wanted recognition, but is was way out of its expectations ! Not just the same sector, Ekkaa’s story is getting noticed by the start-up’s across the domain! We now work as their extended team and the company has trusted us with their biggest and most business announcement! Sagar Gupta is now gettingrespected as the top voice of the industry and is invited for top panels , awards and content contributions.

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