CPKA – THE LEADING 50 YEAR OLD LEGACY ARCHITECTURAL FIRM OF INDIA. Started in 1969 with a vision to redefine architecture and planning in India, CPKA is one of the most revered architectural firms in the country. A multidisciplinary Architectural firm based in New Delhi, India, we have a portfolio of 1000+ projects, 200 + employees and have worked with clients from more than 30 countries in last 50 years of practice. Our firm is ranked amongst the Top 100 architecture firms in the world and Top 5 in Asia. They have created some of the most iconic buildings across the globe and in the country. The firm, from the very beginning has ensured the inclusion of vernacular and sustainable architecture and associated design practices in their projects. The firm has been constantly been ranked among the top 100 architectural firms in the world, featuring yet again in 2022.

The Ask

The company wanted to get into PR to spread the awareness around their work and projects. The brand is involved into the key projects of the country and the principal architect of the firm Mr. Dikshu Kukreja is the commanding voice in the sector.

The Flags Connect

Flags has been working for CPKA for six years now and the journey has been incredible. We have achieved milestones together that we are so proud of. From the brand awareness to brand recall to brand perception creation and finally thought leadership.. there are phases and stages that we have fulfilled.


It was a very well thought after working for CP Kukreja Architects. The organisation had been doing a lot of reputed projects and was a known entity in trade publications. We took it upon us to make it into a mainline name ! We made sure that the projects of national/ regional relevance are being talked about, with CPKA giving the voice to the stories. We created the image of Mr.Kukreja as an authority in the sector.


  • IMPACT YEAR 1 & 2: First two years were dedicated to the work done/ projects undertaken by the firm. We got the projects in the national CAT A+ dailies where Mr. Kukreja was the key spokesperson. We started participating in a lot of mainline industry stories. Trade publications has never been an issue for CPKA as it is one of the leading firms in the country, but getting to mainlines was a challenge that we undertook and fairly succeeded in the initial PR years of the brand . Alongside mainlines, regional PR, with top publications was carried out to highlight the important projects of the geography.
  • IMPACT YEAR 3 & 4: We started building the rapport of the company as one of the top architectural firms of the country. We started building the imagery of Mr Dikshu Kukreja who is one of the most articulate spokespersons. From architectural space, we moved the positioning to urban planners and town planners. We also started getting into some soft feature story opportunities. The idea was to establish the organisation and parallel build the thought leadership around the spokesperson. Spokesperson today is a part of top panels wherever there is a conversation around infrastructure and planning. We made sure of his presence in key events of mainline publications and channels. We also launched his half an hour talk series with one of the top news channels of the country.
  • IMPACT YEAR 5 & 6: We launched the brand coffee table book and the book topic was conceptualised with team Flags. Brand is now well recognised in the media fraternity and Mr. Kukreja is an established spokesperson on the subject matter. There is an automatic push. Now we are at a stage of creating a specialisation around Mr. Kukreja and his core competency. He is one of the commanding voices in the area of sustainability and environmental issues. Media houses now include him into the climate change narratives! He has written authored pieces for the top publications and has done extremely successful talk shows on the top national English channels.


While the PR continues, the biggest achievement for team Flags is that it has never got a single coverage for CPKA and the spokesperson in anything less than a CAT A+ and CAT A publication/ media house. We take immense pride in building a niche perception around the organisation which it truly deserves. CPKA is doing great work, we got that work on great platforms.

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