Just Cavalli born in 1998, is the young brand with an urban and rock soul created by the Florentine designer Roberto Cavalli. The brand, which became famous for its glamorous line and prints with animal motifs inspired by nature, today produces and exports globally not only high fashion clothing, but also accessories and watches of appreciated value. Just Cavalli, the second line created by the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, is aimed primarily at the youth universe and fashion lovers by offering watches with a fresh and modern design. Just Cavalli watches are designed and manufactured for dynamic young people who are constantly looking for novelty and change.

The Ask

Just Cavalli India team was just looking at 2-3 media presence during their B2B event with the Channel partners. As the time was too short, they were exploring whether even this number was possible. The brand had no plan of doing any press event or conference to meet the media exclusively.

The Flags Connect

Flags was roped in two days before the event after much deliberation! Our responsibility was media management for the event but ultimately we helped them plan the entire press event/ conference. We proposed to do the press event an hour before the formal party and meet the press exclusively with collection preview .

The Challenge

There was no new collection that was to be announced/ launched and company had no new information to serve to the media. Being the pandemic year , the media was not usually going for the on-ground events and with no news offering, it was sounding impossible!


The CEO was arriving a day before in India and we proposed to have a meeting with him. When we brain stormed, we realised that lifestyle angle cannot be pitched to the media but we can definitely weave a business angle. That instantly clicked with the Indian brand leadership team. Also we suggested the entire event flow and what the CEO should be talking about . We also got international bytes in a day’s time of the leadership team in Singapore and the entire press event was planned .


Brand was not expecting anything much and they were overwhelmed with our work and enthusiasm. Both B2B and B2C purpose was solved. Social media pages and website saw a big rise in unique and new visitors and channel partners were impressed with the media exposures that the brand got.

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